Temple of Elemental Evil

Adventure Log - Session 2

In our second session, Valen decides that the best course of action must be to join the two evil artifacts the party uncovered.

Upon waking, the party investigated the lower levels of the temple, initially staying away from the huge double doors beyond which could be heard a raucous, hideous croaking. They found a room which had been used in depraved sexual worship of frogs, and in it a phallic unholy statue similar to the one in the drawing taken from the goblin. The evil in this place sickened Gabriel, whose connection to the spiritual forces of good seemed to weaken in this place. After trying unsuccessfully to destroy it, they took it.

In front of a door guarded by glowing runes, they found the near-dead body of another goblin who’d been badly burned and had been slowly dying for several days. After disarming the magical trap, they discovered on the body another crude map with unholy symbol and sword drawn on it. Inside the trapped room (whose features include a central pit of bubbling mud and many burial alcoves in the walls), they encountered two froglike zombie creatures, which they killed. They deposited the goblin body in the frothing mud and found a safe place to rest.

In the night, they heard a scraping noise and suspected the goblin had been resurrected as some kind of undead by the power of the mud.

After resting, they party tracked the newly created ghoulish goblin to the bedroom where it was feasting on the dead bodies they’d hidden under the bed. They killed the creature, and proceeded back up the stairs.

In the main church area, they opened a trapped collection box using a key found in the bedroom and looted the coins. They also carefully scaled a huge 12ft tall stone statue of a frog and stole the giant gems that were its eyes. They investigated the open pit in front of the altar from which croaking noises echoed, determining that it opened to an underground lake filled with giant toads and frogs and could also be accessed by the double doors in the lower level.

They returned to the lower level and forced open the double doors, revealing a rusty portcullis and the toad-infested underground lake beyond. Blars played several notes on the bone clarinet, which called a giant, hideous frog creature from its cave near the lake. The dozens of smaller giant frogs, terrified of the monster, fled toward the portcullis, battering it down and swarming the party, who managed to kill several of them as they swarmed past. They faced the giant frog monster and narrowly defeated it, nearly dying in the process. They returned to their safe area and rested.

After resting, they explored the lake and the caves beyond, finding a huge amount of treasure, some magical weapons, and a huge Greatsword covered in images of frogs and toads, very similar to the crude drawings. Wielding the huge sword, Valen discovered that the remaining killer frogs were no longer aggressive toward the party and became more like pets, or at least followed the party around. With the frogs in tow, the party bagged-up all their loot and hauled it up the stairs to the temple.

While deciding how best to get the treasure back to town, Valen noticed that the hilt of the greatsword seemed to correspond to a notch on the base of the unholy symbol. He joined the two magical objects together, causing :

1) the frogs which had been his followers swarmed him, choking off his air and nipping at him, beginning to devour his flesh
2) powerful evil energy from the sword filled his brain, rendering him immobile

A huge battle ensued. Valen managed to break the mental hold and cast the sword away, but fell unconscious under the wounds inflicted by the swarm of frogs. As soon as the sword was cast away, the huge stone statue of the frog creature awoke and also attacked the party, causing the ceiling to partially collapse.

Blars, trying to rescue Valen or retrieve the sword (in an attempt to return the statue to a peaceful state), was crushed to unconsciousness by the frog-golem. Gabriel, himself nearly unconscious from frog bites and being battered by the slow-moving golem, gathered his strength and snatched Val from the frog swarm, carrying him out of the temple into the morning sunlight. Healing himself for another surge of strength, he raced back into the temple, narrowly avoiding death from the golem and remaining frogs, and dragged Blars out, shutting the huge doors behind them. After tending to Blars and Valen’s wounds so that they would not die, Gabriel collapsed, exhausted, against the huge doors. The golem did not attempt to follow him out the door.



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